Monday, April 28, 2008

Baby pictures - Vol. 3

Introducing the "baby" of the house even though she is the oldest at 12 years, Anya Sukimoto. We just couldn't resist her fatness and her different color eyes (one green, one black) when we adopted her last year.

Best picture of her eyes I have since it is really hard taking pictures of her. She absorbs light.

She is the biggest cuddle bug. Ever. She just loves to be loved. And warm and snuggly.

She sleeps A LOT. Like her "older" sister and brother, she can be found partaking in R&R throughout the day and night. Their lives are SO hard. Note: Mikie in background also sleeping.

More Anya sleeping on the back of the couch. The dog also does this as she thinks she is a cat. We believe our dog suffers from SID, or Species Identity Disorder.

And sleeping again. Most pictures we have of her are of her sleeping. On my crotch.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Baby pictures - Vol. 2

Introducing the "middle" baby, Angus Ron McKitty. He was my 25th birthday present and is the gift that keeps on giving. Even though he has the world's stinkiest poop, he is the sweetest cat to three people...MKD, her sister, and me. Everyone else scares him and he spends a lot of time hiding from strangers so they don't touch his furry bits.

See? Totally hiding under the covers!

The cutest kitty pic ever! Green eyes AND a beauty still my heart.

A recent pic and also the wallpaper on my cell phone. No...I don't have favorites or anything.

One of his favorite activities...sleeping! But curled into the World's Tightest Ball!

Rudely awakened! You have angered the beauty mark that is really masculine. Really.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Baby pictures - Vol. 1

Introducing my "oldest" baby, Michal Rupert. MKD has had her longer than I have. But she is the reason why I became a dog person.

Really old picture taken with old, crappy camera phone from a couple of years ago. And from the old apartment.

Taken recently with spiffy new phone. And at the "new" house. And the "new" couch.

Her favorite activities...cuddling and sleeping! That and farting.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Happy Birthday to my mom! She’s “19” for the 47th time! [when I was really little, that’s the age she would always tell me she was turning on her birthday. Then I learned arithmetic and the ruse was up]

Happy tax day! MKD and I rocked it and got the biggest refund we have ever gotten. Ever. Owning a house rocks!

Happy pre-Birthday to Center of the Universe! We’ve known each other for 17 years. Crazy. I feel old now. Thanks.

Happy weather getting warmer! I do not fare well in the cold. I think it’s embedded in my DNA from being born in Hawaii or something.

To all the other Happys out there…

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Spelling and Pronunciation

There are two words in the English language that baffle me the most when I see them spelled out. It takes my brain a second or two to realize that how it looks is FAR different than how it is pronounced.

First off, there’s:
(the lunch meat, not to be confused geographically)

Seriously? I want to say, “Bow - log - nah” when I see this word in print. Not, “ba - lone - y” like how it is pronounced. But from my handy online dictionary, I see that “baloney” is a variant of the original word and most likely developed because too many people were like ‘wtf?’

The second head-scratching word is:

This looks like it should be said, “cole - own - elle.” The kicker is that it is pronounced just like “kernel.” How? Why? I have no clue. The “er” sound is completely void in the spelling. Magically, the written word produces something sounding illogical. If written = colonel, then speak = kernel.

Yes, the English language is grand and not confusing at all.
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