Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Where Does It Go?

I just had a long piece of lint in my eye. Actually, it may have been a really thin cat hair. I cannot be 100% sure since I failed at extracting it. As soon as I had felt the discomfort and parts of my field of vision became clouded, I reached for a small pocket mirror in my bag. I didn’t have time to run to the bathroom to wash my hands because every time I blinked, meant a greater possibility of losing sight of the culprit in my ocular cavity. So I poked my dirty finger into my eye hoping the lint would latch onto the drier surface. But no such luck. After many pokes and finger slides, the blinking/eye watering allowed the lint to escape and my vision was clear again.

All this led to me wondering where does the lint go? Is it going to float around behind my eyeball for years to come? Or travel down and get absorbed by other organs? I think this is a fairly legitimate question given that this is not the first time I have lost a piece of lint, dust, eyelash, or gnat in my eye. I would have to say that in my lifetime to date, if you add up all the things unable to be extracted from my eyes, it would be roughly the size of a quarter. A quarter!

While we ponder this all-important inquiry, I leave you with this to allow your brain to melt from the cuteness.

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