Wednesday, May 13, 2009


The last post was so bitter. This one won’t be. Maybe. We’ll see.

So I got my first parking ticket EVER! I have been driving for over 13 years and was always lucky enough to avoid these fuckers. But alas, my luck ran out and I got a $40 one yesterday. I was running late for a CPR class at the hospital and parked on a residential road next to the hospital since there was no parking. [Don’t even get me started about the parking situation at the hospital…it is something that frequently rises my blood pressure.] Apparently, you need a permit to park on the road. I threw caution to the wind and crossed my fingers and hoped for the best. But lo and behold, a yellow envelope was under my wiper when I returned. A parking violation on my NEW!!! car.
I love this car. It’s my third baby. I had been shopping around for about a year and finally got the 2009 Honda CR-V in green tea. With twins and all their crap, getting a bigger car made sense for convenience and safety. Squeezing everything into a Nissan Sentra seemed really cumbersome and then there was the problem of where the dog would go. But now, space or safety is not an issue. And it gets the same gas mileage as my Nissan Altima that I traded in. Go figure.

I had tested the Subaru Forester, Nissan Rogue, and Acura RDX as well as researched all the other crossovers and mini-SUVs. But I kept coming back to the CR-V. So far, I really love it. My first new car! I can’t wait to have my babies in it.
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