Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Can we do it?

MKD and I are going on vacation for a week. The goal is to not check our email or go online as Internet connectivity is sparse where we will be. I am not sure who will crack first and if my Inboxes are big enough.

The possibility of living on one income again is scary. It may happen, it may not. But there is definitely a mortgage involved this time around and hopefully another mouth to feed that isn’t furry.

The writers’ strike had little impact as we are still behind on our DVR. With summer shows starting, this is only going to get worse.

Lots of injections in our future. Lots.

Cooking more took a backseat. That and increased intestinal distress. No fresh spinach and water advisories have not helped either.

It’s the battle between the Honda CRV and Acura RDX. Either one is more than I want to spend on something that depreciates. But having a car that doesn’t make bad noises and starts up without fail is important for my family.

New jobs are eluding us. Damn you.
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