Thursday, September 21, 2006


I got a new job which pays more and I work less than my current employment. Considering I have been looking around for another job, it wasn’t rocket science in figuring out what my next station in life will be. I start in October and will have to be the ‘model’ employee for a while. No more sleeping in and coming in late for me…damn. But it will be hard leaving some of the people I like working with. I have gotten a lot of supportive remarks from people who find the notion bittersweet. I was also told that I am “hyper-competent” (word apparently invented in my honor) and will be very much missed.

I also had to renew my license and get a new photo since the big 2-6 birthday is coming up. This photo did not turn out as nice as my last one. Now I am stuck with it until 2011. The old photo landed me compliments and people hitting on me. This one will definitely be glanced over. At least I won’t have the 800 lbs. bouncers stalk me anymore.

Monday, September 11, 2006

Double Penetration

On Friday night, I got pulled over for speeding as MKD and I were heading home from a bar. It was just my luck that the cop was the biggest asshole fuckhead imaginable. Yes, I was speeding, but so were the other cars around me. I was the only dumb one to slow down and get caught while everyone else sped away faster than I was going. I have been pulled over before and know that cops do not have to have the prickish demeanor that this guy had. It was a mixture of a superiority complex coupled with a seething temper and the desire to have more Action in his life. Hell, if he can make assumptions about me, I can do the same for him.

The speed limit was 35 and the cop supposedly clocked me at 54. He felt the need to shine his flashlight directly into my eyes the whole time so I never got a look at his face. He interrogated me about where I had been, where I was going, and what I had been doing. I had one drink earlier in the evening about 5 hours prior to driving. Jerk cop didn’t believe me and gave me a breathalyzer and got all pissy when he dropped it and had to get a new straw thingy. Whatever. I am sure I blew a 0.000 and I hope he felt like an asshole.

So the citation was 80 dollars and I looked it up and found out that two points come along with that. Just when my insurance is really fucking low I have to get hit with this. Motherfucker.

The whole incident ruined me for a while that night. I looked up all the things that have affected my driving record in my driving career. My first speeding ticket was in 2002, then I got a red light ticket in 2004, and now this speeding ticket in 2006. So it seems that every two years I get caught. I will have to be extremely vigilant in 2008.

Later, about 16 hours later, I ran a red light that most likely had a camera since it was a major intersection. There were reasons behind running the light and not stopping in time, but it is a 75 dollar fine with no proof that I was driving. So fuck it.

In a 24-hour period, 2 tickets and 2 points. I am not a fan of getting fucked like this.

Friday, September 08, 2006

Hello 42!

As of last night, MKD and I are now proud owners of this gem:
If we had gotten anything bigger, we would probably burn our retinas.
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