Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Blast from the Past – Part I

I have been meaning to start a “Blast from the Past” series because I have been coming across a lot of people from my past as of late. Maybe it has something to do with my reoccurring dreams set in high school that are calling people out or forewarning me. I don’t know why I have been regressing to earlier years, but it freaks me out. Don’t even get me started on deja vu.

On to the rant…

When I first started working, my boss and I found out that I went to high school with his daughter (I was a year older and knew who she was). It was a strange coincidence and weirded me out throughout the years. Then today my boss came into my office and told me a story about his friend that lives in his neighborhood that his sons also hang out with. It turns out that ‘his friend’ was my first boyfriend, CS, from middle school. I had to freak out. The world is too fucking small.

The stranger thing is that I was thinking of CS the other day and how lame we were in middle school with dating, etc. I tried to see if he was on MySpace because almost everyone and their grandmother has a MySpace account. But he did not have one. Incidentally, I did find a lot more people from the past and will get into those later in the series.

CS and I dated for a few months and went to the school dances together. The only other time I saw him outside of school was on a double date to the movies in which we snuck into Home Alone 2 (pathetic, I know). The only thing I have left from our relationship is a cassette of Whitney Houston’s version of “I Will Always Love You” (from when she actually had a career). Later, he broke up with me by telling other people that he was breaking up with me. So I had to hear it from everyone but him.

I can look back on the past and laugh about a lot. Oh, how much I have grown (in every meaning of that sentence). You could not pay me enough to go back to the middle school years. Those are some of the most awkward and horrible times ever.

Friday, July 21, 2006

All in a day’s work

I recently won a free luncheon from Quiznos for my office. Quite frankly, I dropped my business card in the drawing box because if I didn’t get rid of them in this manner, they are used as scrap paper. Seriously.

It really surprised me when I received the phone call saying I won. I am not lucky when it comes to winning things, and this is the *biggest* thing I have ever won. I think prior to this, it was a stuffed animal of a snake which Mikie has henceforth torn apart.

The luncheon does come with a catch though. It is sponsored by (insert financial institution here) and therefore means we have to sit through a promotional presentation in order to partake of the “free” food. But when it comes to free, there can’t be too much complaining, right?

So I rallied up all the people in my office (all 14 of them…the luncheon is for up to 15 people) to let me know what they wanted. Sadly, this event is HUGE since nothing else happens daily. The only other thing we have to look forward to is cake at the end of the month for whoever’s birthday happens to fall in that month. It’s quite sad really. So take that and add the worst possible work environment and bosses you can think of and that equals my work place. Therefore, this luncheon will boost morale from -6.7% to 0.47%. I did the math.

I am already having panic attacks over the whole bit because no one converses when it does not deal with work issues. I am already envisioning an awkward scene with people eating together and having no idea what to talk about with a bunch of *strangers* that they work with day in and day out. So I imagine there will be abundant discussions over the weather and polite smiles flashed throughout. Then I will be the center of attention since I provided the luncheon and everyone will look toward me for witty banter and entertaining conversation topics. I am such an introvert, so situations like these wear me out.

At least I can escape back to my office when it’s all said and done. This whole luncheon thing will be the hot topic of office discussion…until Cake day. Cake day trumps everything.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Lost the Balance

Work has been killing me this week. So much to the point where I did not check blogs or emails since last Friday! But there was some down time today and I finally got caught up on life. Sorta.

A lot of people did not update their blogs, which was nice because it was on to the next blog on my list. I was clicking away until I hit my favorite pirates’ blog. They went batshit and posted like a bagillion times. So I commented on only one. I suppose the first line of my comment could apply to all the posts because they are just awesome like that. Then I later discovered that my better half has acquired quite a large readership from all this publicity over how awesome she is. With this newly gained popularity, stalkers will appear and she will find one better than me. But then again, she has attained the “National” status and maybe will start to believe all the compliments that I give her are true.

As for emails, I found out that my friend of 24 years is going to have a baby girl around Christmas. But the kicker of the situation is that he did not send me this email of the joyous news himself…no…his father did. I find out more things that are going on from his father than I do from him. After all, I found out about Paul’s death from his dad too. Maybe I need new friends. Either that or we both need to find that little button in our brains that reads, “Push for Effort.”
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