Friday, July 21, 2006

All in a day’s work

I recently won a free luncheon from Quiznos for my office. Quite frankly, I dropped my business card in the drawing box because if I didn’t get rid of them in this manner, they are used as scrap paper. Seriously.

It really surprised me when I received the phone call saying I won. I am not lucky when it comes to winning things, and this is the *biggest* thing I have ever won. I think prior to this, it was a stuffed animal of a snake which Mikie has henceforth torn apart.

The luncheon does come with a catch though. It is sponsored by (insert financial institution here) and therefore means we have to sit through a promotional presentation in order to partake of the “free” food. But when it comes to free, there can’t be too much complaining, right?

So I rallied up all the people in my office (all 14 of them…the luncheon is for up to 15 people) to let me know what they wanted. Sadly, this event is HUGE since nothing else happens daily. The only other thing we have to look forward to is cake at the end of the month for whoever’s birthday happens to fall in that month. It’s quite sad really. So take that and add the worst possible work environment and bosses you can think of and that equals my work place. Therefore, this luncheon will boost morale from -6.7% to 0.47%. I did the math.

I am already having panic attacks over the whole bit because no one converses when it does not deal with work issues. I am already envisioning an awkward scene with people eating together and having no idea what to talk about with a bunch of *strangers* that they work with day in and day out. So I imagine there will be abundant discussions over the weather and polite smiles flashed throughout. Then I will be the center of attention since I provided the luncheon and everyone will look toward me for witty banter and entertaining conversation topics. I am such an introvert, so situations like these wear me out.

At least I can escape back to my office when it’s all said and done. This whole luncheon thing will be the hot topic of office discussion…until Cake day. Cake day trumps everything.
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