Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Blast from the Past – Part I

I have been meaning to start a “Blast from the Past” series because I have been coming across a lot of people from my past as of late. Maybe it has something to do with my reoccurring dreams set in high school that are calling people out or forewarning me. I don’t know why I have been regressing to earlier years, but it freaks me out. Don’t even get me started on deja vu.

On to the rant…

When I first started working, my boss and I found out that I went to high school with his daughter (I was a year older and knew who she was). It was a strange coincidence and weirded me out throughout the years. Then today my boss came into my office and told me a story about his friend that lives in his neighborhood that his sons also hang out with. It turns out that ‘his friend’ was my first boyfriend, CS, from middle school. I had to freak out. The world is too fucking small.

The stranger thing is that I was thinking of CS the other day and how lame we were in middle school with dating, etc. I tried to see if he was on MySpace because almost everyone and their grandmother has a MySpace account. But he did not have one. Incidentally, I did find a lot more people from the past and will get into those later in the series.

CS and I dated for a few months and went to the school dances together. The only other time I saw him outside of school was on a double date to the movies in which we snuck into Home Alone 2 (pathetic, I know). The only thing I have left from our relationship is a cassette of Whitney Houston’s version of “I Will Always Love You” (from when she actually had a career). Later, he broke up with me by telling other people that he was breaking up with me. So I had to hear it from everyone but him.

I can look back on the past and laugh about a lot. Oh, how much I have grown (in every meaning of that sentence). You could not pay me enough to go back to the middle school years. Those are some of the most awkward and horrible times ever.
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