Friday, December 29, 2006

Warning XXX

I used to have a link to JJ’s blog, Almost Meredith, on my linkies. Well, she killed it, and the link now goes to a free porn site. I had the unfortunate experience of clicking on it while at work and discovered that the blog had been replaced with tits and ass. So be forewarned if you had her linked to your site or go to a site with the link.

After the incident, I ran a virus scan and found I had a Trojan Horse virus. To be fair, I might have had it prior to the porn page, but it is unlikely since my computer automatically gets scanned periodically everyday.

This whole incident made me recall an anxiety dream I had while I was at my last job. I had dreamt that I clicked on a seemingly harmless link and all these porn windows kept on popping open filling my screen. Then a coworker came by and saw my screen and felt the need to take a picture of it and put it in my personal file prior to termination.

I think these types of dreams will start to replace the old ones I would have while in school about missing an exam or class that would be detrimental to my entire academic career. The ‘best’ are the ones where you find out you are enrolled in a class (unbeknownst to you) that you have not attended for the entire semester and you try to take the final exam only to realize you showed up in your underwear.

What I learned from school in the end is:
Sleep deprivation + stress/anxiety = school sucks.

Thursday, December 21, 2006

I Think I’m Gonna Like It Here*

We got an office surprise in which they let us leave in the early afternoon just because. The CEO is really awesome and laid back (and surprisingly handsome if you are into older men) and lets the staff go early when he doesn’t feel like being around.

Then on Friday, we are getting out at 12:30. Super yay! Happy Holidays indeed!!!

I don’t have to use any of my vacation time (how little of it I have to begin with) and get a bit of a vacation. Rock!

So Happy Christa-Kwanzaa-Hanukkah!
[Side note: That could make a really great song with the “a” sound at the end of each word. Speaking of which, where’s my CD of x-mas songs JB and MKD?]


*From one of my favorite musical movies. Oh, how embarrassing.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

The Root of Attraction*

As many of you know, I am of Japanese descent, but have white friends that are more “Asian” than I am. I know very little of my ethnic background and do not speak Japanese at all (but I do know some Spanish, Latin, and Chinese as those are the languages I took in school). People I meet are surprised that I am not in touch with my roots. But being 4th generation American, assimilation happens.

Lately, I have become more interested in my ethnicity which was something I had never really embraced but rejected for the longest time. Call it self-loathing or whatever you wish, but I find it is very common among many ethnic groups (usually not 1st generation) living in the United States.

I have a proclivity toward small, cutesy things that are essentially useless and more dust catchers or ‘tchotckies.’ I used to think this was a personality quirk, but now I am beginning to link it to my Japanese roots. Um, Sanrio…need I say more?

One of my friends recently went to Japan and brought me back this:
OMG! I almost died from the cuteness without even knowing what the hell it was.

After searching for English instructions, I stumbled across this site and was immediately drawn to the majority of items. I even created a wish list because there are so many things I want from Japan. I cannot say the same attraction about American goods, so maybe shit like this is engrained in my genes.

Oh and the Walkie Bits are so freaking cute and neat. MKD just didn’t understand the attraction, but I am sure my family will.

*Based entirely on hyperbolic speculation

Monday, December 18, 2006


From my office holiday party last Friday, there are lots of leftovers in the fridge. Some of those leftovers include beer. Lots of different types of beer. Would it be wrong for people to have one during lunch or take them home? I feel like there should be a camera in the fridge to see who and what time these beers are taken. I have not been here long enough to know the office alcoholics. Every place of work has at least one.

Speaking of the holiday party, I received confirmation on a fellow employee. I had suspected she was gay, but was not 100% sure because my gaydar could be off or malfunctioning. But at the party, we started talking about our pets and I slipped in mentioning that I live with “my girlfriend,” in which she followed up talking about her “girlfriend” and domestic situation. It was like we did a secret gay handshake.

Being gay, you learn little cues to give out to convey gay status without blatantly saying, “I am gay.” In turn, you can figure out other people if you know what you are looking for. But no matter how long you have been gay or practicing this stratagem, you do get blindsided every once in a while. I file those incidents under the list, “I can’t believe that just happened.” Details of said incident are not to follow.

Friday, December 01, 2006

Wedding Plans: Part I

Even though MKD and I got engaged a year and a half ago, we did not get a lot of things nailed down for the upcoming ceremony on June 23rd, 2007. The venue was taken care of relatively early (we tried for 7/7/07, but the date was taken so we went with the date noted above which is one day before our 6-year anniversary) and that was it. Now, we are scrambling to get things in order and solidify everything. Dollar signs are flying around our heads and the ING account is rapidly dwindling.

This Sunday, we are meeting with a caterer we picked out. Prior to this wedding planning, I had no idea how much catering costs. It is borderline ridiculous the amount of money it will end up being. When we had gotten engaged, I was hoping we would be able to pay for the wedding and put a down payment on our own place, but that was me being way too ambitious and in need of a reality check.

The only other thing done is that we got our wedding bands. I am holding onto MKD’s until the ceremony and I am wearing mine now since I never had (or wanted) a traditional engagement ring. So this ring is my engagement/wedding ring all in one. It took a while to get used to it because I have never worn a ring on that finger (aww, a virgin finger) and is the most expensive piece of jewelry I have and will ever own.

My ring:

My ring with MKD's:

Now it is onto getting the following done (in no particular order): flowers, music, photographer, clothes, shoes, wedding favors, decorations, alcohol, honeymoon, lawyer, hotel arrangements, invitations, registry, and probably a billion other things I am forgetting at the moment.

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