Wednesday, December 20, 2006

The Root of Attraction*

As many of you know, I am of Japanese descent, but have white friends that are more “Asian” than I am. I know very little of my ethnic background and do not speak Japanese at all (but I do know some Spanish, Latin, and Chinese as those are the languages I took in school). People I meet are surprised that I am not in touch with my roots. But being 4th generation American, assimilation happens.

Lately, I have become more interested in my ethnicity which was something I had never really embraced but rejected for the longest time. Call it self-loathing or whatever you wish, but I find it is very common among many ethnic groups (usually not 1st generation) living in the United States.

I have a proclivity toward small, cutesy things that are essentially useless and more dust catchers or ‘tchotckies.’ I used to think this was a personality quirk, but now I am beginning to link it to my Japanese roots. Um, Sanrio…need I say more?

One of my friends recently went to Japan and brought me back this:
OMG! I almost died from the cuteness without even knowing what the hell it was.

After searching for English instructions, I stumbled across this site and was immediately drawn to the majority of items. I even created a wish list because there are so many things I want from Japan. I cannot say the same attraction about American goods, so maybe shit like this is engrained in my genes.

Oh and the Walkie Bits are so freaking cute and neat. MKD just didn’t understand the attraction, but I am sure my family will.

*Based entirely on hyperbolic speculation
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