Thursday, December 21, 2006

I Think I’m Gonna Like It Here*

We got an office surprise in which they let us leave in the early afternoon just because. The CEO is really awesome and laid back (and surprisingly handsome if you are into older men) and lets the staff go early when he doesn’t feel like being around.

Then on Friday, we are getting out at 12:30. Super yay! Happy Holidays indeed!!!

I don’t have to use any of my vacation time (how little of it I have to begin with) and get a bit of a vacation. Rock!

So Happy Christa-Kwanzaa-Hanukkah!
[Side note: That could make a really great song with the “a” sound at the end of each word. Speaking of which, where’s my CD of x-mas songs JB and MKD?]


*From one of my favorite musical movies. Oh, how embarrassing.
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