Thursday, July 13, 2006

Lost the Balance

Work has been killing me this week. So much to the point where I did not check blogs or emails since last Friday! But there was some down time today and I finally got caught up on life. Sorta.

A lot of people did not update their blogs, which was nice because it was on to the next blog on my list. I was clicking away until I hit my favorite pirates’ blog. They went batshit and posted like a bagillion times. So I commented on only one. I suppose the first line of my comment could apply to all the posts because they are just awesome like that. Then I later discovered that my better half has acquired quite a large readership from all this publicity over how awesome she is. With this newly gained popularity, stalkers will appear and she will find one better than me. But then again, she has attained the “National” status and maybe will start to believe all the compliments that I give her are true.

As for emails, I found out that my friend of 24 years is going to have a baby girl around Christmas. But the kicker of the situation is that he did not send me this email of the joyous news himself…no…his father did. I find out more things that are going on from his father than I do from him. After all, I found out about Paul’s death from his dad too. Maybe I need new friends. Either that or we both need to find that little button in our brains that reads, “Push for Effort.”
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