Thursday, September 21, 2006


I got a new job which pays more and I work less than my current employment. Considering I have been looking around for another job, it wasn’t rocket science in figuring out what my next station in life will be. I start in October and will have to be the ‘model’ employee for a while. No more sleeping in and coming in late for me…damn. But it will be hard leaving some of the people I like working with. I have gotten a lot of supportive remarks from people who find the notion bittersweet. I was also told that I am “hyper-competent” (word apparently invented in my honor) and will be very much missed.

I also had to renew my license and get a new photo since the big 2-6 birthday is coming up. This photo did not turn out as nice as my last one. Now I am stuck with it until 2011. The old photo landed me compliments and people hitting on me. This one will definitely be glanced over. At least I won’t have the 800 lbs. bouncers stalk me anymore.
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