Monday, April 28, 2008

Baby pictures - Vol. 3

Introducing the "baby" of the house even though she is the oldest at 12 years, Anya Sukimoto. We just couldn't resist her fatness and her different color eyes (one green, one black) when we adopted her last year.

Best picture of her eyes I have since it is really hard taking pictures of her. She absorbs light.

She is the biggest cuddle bug. Ever. She just loves to be loved. And warm and snuggly.

She sleeps A LOT. Like her "older" sister and brother, she can be found partaking in R&R throughout the day and night. Their lives are SO hard. Note: Mikie in background also sleeping.

More Anya sleeping on the back of the couch. The dog also does this as she thinks she is a cat. We believe our dog suffers from SID, or Species Identity Disorder.

And sleeping again. Most pictures we have of her are of her sleeping. On my crotch.
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