Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Spelling and Pronunciation

There are two words in the English language that baffle me the most when I see them spelled out. It takes my brain a second or two to realize that how it looks is FAR different than how it is pronounced.

First off, there’s:
(the lunch meat, not to be confused geographically)

Seriously? I want to say, “Bow - log - nah” when I see this word in print. Not, “ba - lone - y” like how it is pronounced. But from my handy online dictionary, I see that “baloney” is a variant of the original word and most likely developed because too many people were like ‘wtf?’

The second head-scratching word is:

This looks like it should be said, “cole - own - elle.” The kicker is that it is pronounced just like “kernel.” How? Why? I have no clue. The “er” sound is completely void in the spelling. Magically, the written word produces something sounding illogical. If written = colonel, then speak = kernel.

Yes, the English language is grand and not confusing at all.
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