Friday, September 09, 2005

Name it

I know we should spend more time with the kitty before naming him because names are very important. But we have to get him named before MKD’s sister beats us to it. She has this uncanny ability to name animals “interesting” names that tend to stick. For instance, our dog is named, Michal Rupert, due to her doing. Needless to say, when I take my dog to the vet, I get a snicker here and there when they ask my dog’s name and I have to immediately clear my reputation and explain that I took no part in naming her. Another example would be my gecko. I spent a few days trying to find the best name for him, and MKD’s sister blurted out, “Franks and Beans.” My gecko’s name is Bean. See what I mean?!

So now that we all know what the kitty looks like (see previous post), I have generated a list of names that I like. I am not sure which one to go with because I want to spend time with the kitty to see if the name I choose really fits. But it is nice to get other people’s opinions and suggestions, so I will have a vote on which name out of the list people like the most. I am open to suggestions, but so far the ones I have received (ahem…JB) are quite “interesting,” but I don’t see me naming the kitty, “Hot Dog.” Sorry.

The list of potential names (the starred name is the one I am leaning toward):
1. Ron (this is his current name)
2. Holden
3. Calvin *
4. Mr. Cat (just kidding)
5. Max
6. Dylan
7. Harold
8. Gidget
9. Emo
10. (Fill in your own suggestion)

Let your voice be heard and vote now! Thank you, and goodnight.
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