Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Things I recently bought: Vol. 2

People who know me know I am a huge Tori Amos fan and have been for half my life. I think a large portion of my brain is dedicated to her songs as I own every CD she has released and have quite a collection of B-sides.

When I learned of Comic Book Tattoo, I pre-ordered a limited edition copy for less than $100 (retail $149.99). I am actually amazed that Amazon came through given that there were only 1,000 copies released. Tori has some psychotic fans so I was convinced they would be sold out as other distributors already were weeks before the release date.

But the book actually came. I was hesitant to remove the plastic wrap but needed to validate its authenticity and make sure I got what I paid for. Once I saw that the signature was actually real, I could not believe that I managed to get a copy. I have copy #448, signed and numbered by Tori.

Even though MKD is not a collector like me, she suggested I buy an additional paperback copy to read/thumb through/loan out so nothing happens to the limited edition hardcover. That turned out to be a wonderful idea as the limited edition is currently selling for $599 and $695 from two sellers on Amazon, and is about $250+ on eBay with days left of bidding.

Totally awesome.
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