Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Stick a fork in me

After the fifth monitoring appointment, I have about 20 follicles in which most of them are over a centimeter big. My estrogen level is up to about 950 and needs to be at around 1500 before I can do my hCG Trigger shot. Then I go under, which will be my first time ever and I am kinda nervous about, for the egg retrieval.

Depending on how well the fertilized eggs develop will influence when the transfer to MKD will take place. Also, we will decide on how many embryos to use. If they are in great shape, we only need one because if we did two, we would have a very high chance of fraternal twins. If they are not ideal, we might consider using two embryos to increase the odds of a pregnancy. But the chance of fraternal twins is at 20%. Then there is always the possibility (albeit small) that one of the embryos will split on its own and yield identical twins. Anything more than two babies would just be WAY too much.

I think we could swing two though if it came down to it. When we first began this process, I was very anti-twins. But now that we are on the final stretch, I just can’t see us going through this process again and again. So I am preparing for the possibility of twins and am now feeling that it’s not so bad. We can get child-rearing done in one swoop. Two kids are all we wanted, so that would be it for us. The perfect twin situation would be a boy and a girl.

Speaking of twins, I was telling MKD how I think a lot of celebrities are manipulating their pregnancies to yield twins as there seems to be a really high prevalence lately. Twins are not usually a common occurrence, yet celebrities such as Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Lopez, Julia Roberts, and many others have popped out twins recently. Strange.

Redirecting back to me…

My stomach is particularly hurt-y today. I find walking is difficult because the seemingly nominal force from my foot hitting the ground sends shockwaves up my leg and resonates in my abdomen causing wretched pain. The list of ailments continue to grow. That and the list of things that MKD and I can hold over this kid’s head.
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