Friday, July 25, 2008


Generally, I don’t have time to read for pleasure at home. Or perhaps, I just don’t make the time as things that require less thinking, like watching tv, usually win.

At work is a different story. I am in front of a computer all day and get tired of reading work stuff and would rather read stuff I want to read. So given my track record at home, reading therefore takes place at work. But I cannot have my nose in a book when I am supposed to be “working.” So I turned to the wonders of the Internet and found sites such as this one that allow me to read a little everyday and eventually complete books for free. Without these sites, I don’t think I would have finished a book this year.

I recently finished Dracula and Gulliver’s Travels and enjoyed them both. So I stopped in at a local used bookstore to find copies for our library at home. I was able to find the former for $1 and the latter for $2. They were both in good condition in spite of being printed more than a quarter century ago. Happy with my find, I made my way through the maze of bookshelves and stumbled upon this:

Um, somebody lost their pants in the Sci-Fi section.

So if you are looking for your pants, you left them at the used bookstore. Duh.
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