Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Spiffy new toy

MKD and I got new cell phones last weekend with the renewal of our 2-year contract. This marks the fourth cell phone we have gotten through Verizon and is by far one of the best too. It’s the Alias from Samsung.

To make regular calls, open like normal:

To use full keyboard for text, email, etc., open from side:

Having a full keyboard is really convenient and I find that our texts have drastically changed. Texting takes half the time and you can have actual words and sentences instead of abbreviated caveman speak. For example, here is a text I recently sent to MKD:

“My dearest MKD,
I am leaving work now and hope there is not too much traffic. When I get home, we shall make dinner together. How does the Chicken Portobello Wraps with Balsamic Aioli sound?”

With our older phones, the same message above would have been this:

“On way. Chix wrap din?”

Sadly, I think the top message took less time to compose and send than the bottom one.
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