Wednesday, March 19, 2008

PowerPoint Presentations

The PowerPoint templates that come with MS Office are crap. For many years, my company has been using these crappy PowerPoint templates that are quite hideous. Frustrated when working on a presentation for a conference, I located a graphic design company that had a crapload of decent templates for an annual subscription. I convinced my company to invest in this and then went through all 5,482 templates in my down time at work to download the relevant ones.

Out of all 5,482 templates, there are quite a few that I could not imagine ANYONE using for an actual presentation. But there are two that really stuck out.

The first one is this:

WTF?! Strawberry trees??? I believe the designer was tripping on acid when creating this one.

The second one is this:

Also related to strawberries. Strange. And highly suggestive/sexualized. Probably would yield the most interesting PowerPoint presentation ever.
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