Thursday, March 13, 2008

Childhood Goodness and EXTREME dorkiness

For those of you less fortunate, you did not grow up playing Contra on Nintendo like I did. Well, I personally did not have a Nintendo as my parents refused to ever get me a video game system in fears of ‘hurting’ the tv. But I did have a best friend/neighbor that had a Nintendo in the basement of his house in which we could play games such as Contra until our thumbs were raw. So really, you were not fortunate if you did not own a Nintendo or did not know someone who let you play with theirs (cough, MKD).

Recently, Contra 4 was released for the Nintendo DS as a 20th Anniversary type of thing (god, I feel old). Not only is it as awesome as I remember from my childhood, but fracking harder since the cheat most people know (up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A, select, start) does not work! So I have to beat it the old fashioned way, with tremendous skill and lightning-fast reflexes.

After playing for a few days, level 4 kept kicking my ass until I figured out how to beat it. After that was smooth sailing. As of last night, I beat the game on “Easy” using about 30 lives out of the 50. I was rewarded with just the credits, no ending, since you have to beat the game on “Normal” or “Hard” to see an actual ending. Not to mention, when beating the game on a harder mode, you also unlock older versions of Contra from my childhood days! But beating the game on “Easy” did unlock a challenge mode with 40 tasks of various objectives. This is now my new challenge and I choose to accept it.

Unlike the video games today, I don’t get all nauseated and gross playing this one. [yay!]
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