Friday, February 29, 2008

Reason # 3 for why ‘It’s Good to be Asian’:

You look younger than you really are for your entire life.

We really are efficient at everything! [end stereotypical remarks; begin actual content]

I have been carded for Rated R movies when I was old enough to rent a car. There is an age minimum of 25 years for most places, which makes no sense since you can BUY a car before then, die in the military, buy cigarettes/alcohol, have children, be in/acquire porn…
Now I’m getting off topic. Shit.

Anyway, last night’s events took the cake:

*knock on door*

I answer the door to find a young man (YM) in his early 20s standing there with a clipboard.

YM: Hi! Um (peeks a look inside), are your parents home?

Me: Uhhh…no…I mean, I own this house.

YM: Oh! I am so sorry! You just look REALLY young!

Then he rambled on about getting a free estimate for my windows and siding and kept talking about my “husband.” Oh the assumptions people make!
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