Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Shameless Voyeurisms

I can’t explain it, but...
I am strangely attracted to Dr. G, Medical Examiner.

Is it because she gets really into digging through body cavities? Or is it that she uses tools found in hardware stores to cut away that pesky rib cage? Most importantly, what does this say about me???

Maybe I shouldn’t overanalyze this as usual and just concentrate on the hot History Detective, Elyse Luray.

MKD and my latest obsession (and pathetic excuse for a plug). But PBS, will you please stop doing those weird camera angles between segments and extreme close-ups?! In HD, it is just plain scary. I now know that Tukufu Zuberi has 27 white hairs on the left side of his beard, thankyouverymuch.

Capping off the evening with Sell This House’s Tanya Memme makes for a great night of television...


But the Bear is pretty entertaining to watch too!

Nothing says "manly-man" like floating candles and a diagonal placement of that couch to really change the aesthetics of a room.
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