Friday, October 05, 2007

A bittersweet anniversary

Yesterday marked the one-year anniversary that I have been at my second “real world” job. The phrase, “It’s been a year,” has been going through my head with both shock and disgust. Some days are fine and others have me questioning what the hell I am doing with my professional career (I use that term very lightly).

But I have devised a formula utilizing my daily job satisfaction to predict how long I plan to stay at my current place of employment:
A good day = plus three more months; represented by :)
An okay day = plus one more month; represented by :\
A bad day = negative six months; represented by :(

So from the 1st of this month, we have:
:/ + :/ + :/ + :) + :( = 0.

Please note that the “good” day (Thursday, AKA the 4th symbol) was due to my boss being absent.

May the job hunt begin!
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