Thursday, August 23, 2007

Don’t be a stingy bastard and

see this exhibit!

I know people in the D.C. area are spoiled because museums are usually free, but get over it.

Totally worth the $26.50. The things you see are amazing and I stuck my face really close to naughty bits. The book/pictures do not do it justice for seeing it in person and up-close. Plus, you get to play with a brain and a heart towards the end. Resisting the urge to poke at the people in the exhibit pays off!

I must admit, there are parts that are very gross and I think I had a look of disgust/awe the whole time I was there. Learning about the process is fascinating, and the room with the circulation system will blow your mind. The fetal room and the skin room made me a bit icky though.

But seeing our bodies in reality was so incredible and I had no idea the actual size of a lot of parts. It was such a wonderfully educational event and I could not resist splurging at the gift shop and bought the book for the exhibition and also this:

If it’s small and useless, I must have it.
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