Monday, June 18, 2007

Full Speed Ahead!

Less than one week until The Big Day. I just hope that everything turns out okay. 30K spent on a 5-hour event should come with some sort of warranty/money back guarantee if not fully satisfied.

The bachelorette parties went well and people got to either participate in debauchery/voyeurism and smack spheres around with me, or dine and bar hop with MKD. Some even mixed it up since we have a lot of common friends. But by the end of the night, we joined forces with whoever was still standing.

I had way more than my usual one drink by three. Each drink allowed me to look less at the floor/my shoes and more at the nekkid women flaunting their bits at me. MKD had her usual 15 and I was fearful when I got her home. But the bucket next to the bed was thankfully unused the next day.

As for the actual wedding, the “To Do” list has been hacked away at and a few things remain. Hopefully the weather will hold. It’s supposed to be in the 80s with a 15% chance of rain (last week it was at 35%). There is a rain plan just in case. Unfortunately, there is not a backup plan for other potential disasters like wardrobe malfunctions, me doing something embarrassing, meteor showers, etc.

Being a control freak, it has been difficult to let go and put a lot of faith into other people’s abilities to get things done competently and well. To date, Shitlist = 0. Despite this, my anxiety and sleep still suffers. I think I have ground my teeth down to stubs. MKD may even experience gumming on our wedding night as opposed to 50 years later. She’s a lucky woman.
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