Thursday, April 19, 2007

Sweet Home Alabama!

So I am here in Alabama in a really huge hotel room with free Internet access! My room is equipped with a kitchenette, sofa, chairs, desk, tv, king size bed, and a huge bathroom. Plus, there is free breakfast in the morning. Pretty awesome.

Being from the D.C. area, one can really appreciate large living spaces. My hotel room in Chicago was nice, but I had a view of a brick wall and had to pay for Internet. Plus, I didn't have as many amenities as I have here in AL. Here in the "country," everything is cheaper and there are wide open spaces (but not much to see/do). I would never live in the south, but visiting is just fine. But the small plane used to get here was not fine.

BTW, I think I am in love with my laptop. It is so great to have on the plane and then in hotel rooms. Makes me wonder what I used to do without it. Just like my cell phone...I have a hard time remembering how I functioned before it.

This is my second business trip ever and I am getting used to being in a hotel by myself. But one worrisome thing was when I started choking on my water a few minutes ago. I could have died. Seriously. I guess the walls are pretty thick because no one has rushed to my aid. It also doesn't help that I am still sick. Hopefully I can get some sleep and not be up all night coughing like I have been.

Well, I need to shower the plane off me and get some sleep. I am meeting up with people bright and early to "get to work." It's sad that I had to play hooky from my main job to come to this job. There's something very wrong with that and I believe it has to do with me not being home cuddled with all my babies. Speaking of which, there has been a new addition to the family...a very fat, black cat with different color eyes. She's 11 years old and we are hoping we can be her "forever home."
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