Thursday, February 01, 2007

Instant Gratification

I believe that technology and the “Internets” (hehe) have led us to become conditioned to instant gratification. If our whims are not fulfilled in 0.23 seconds, we become pissy and complain about all the things wrong with this world and our lives. After all, it is so tragic.

Being in this mindset, searching for movers has not served my instant gratification needs. I started by trying to find the lowest quote expecting an immediate estimate online. Didn’t happen. Instead, I had to deal with moving companies calling me every half hour in addition to bombarding me with emails to call them. If I wanted personal contact, I would have used something called The Phone Book. I just wanted hard numbers to crunch and compare and all the fine print laid out succinctly so I could then move on to consulting the Better Business Bureau and other consumer reports. But instead, I have to deal with each individually, and when I let one down, I have to hold their hand through the break-up process…

Rejected Mover: “Waaa…Why didn’t you choose me?”
Disgruntled Me: “Because you just didn’t satisfy me in the way I need”
Rejected Mover: “But…but I can do so much better than those other guys!”
Disgruntled Me: (groans) (slaps forehead) “Sure…if you can complete my move for less than $300 and provide boxes for free, maybe we can continue this further.”
Rejected Mover: “Oh. (long pause) I see. Well…good luck then!”

Bah! Don’t advertise on the Internet if you are not going to adhere to the instant gratification standards. “Free online estimates” are anything but.

Oh and on a side note, why the fuck are boxes so damn expensive???
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