Monday, January 29, 2007

Moving up and out

As many already know, MKD and I are buying our first place! The planets must have aligned, and we found a place we both agreed on and within our financial reach (barely). We have been working toward this for as long as I can remember by saving and searching, and on Valentine’s Day, we will close. Then it will be hell cleaning, painting, fixing, moving…

So after almost 5 years of being in a 1-bedroom apartment, we are transitioning to a 3-level, 3-bedroom, 2 full bathroom place that looks like a town home, but is technically a condo. It needs some work, but is mostly move-in ready. Given the financial strains of becoming homeowners and paying for the upcoming wedding, we will not be able to do or get the things we want right away. Just when we were enjoying (and getting spoiled by) the benefits of being DINKs, we are getting a double whammy this year. I imagine the place will be pretty bare for a while and we will have to be really good about where we spend our money. The Dollar Menu at McDonald’s will be reserved for going out on “special occasions.” Awesome.
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