Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Human Oddities - Part I

Along with my “Blast from the Past” series, I have been meaning to start a “Human Oddities” one as well. After this one, I will only have one entry of each (see July 2006 Archives for other one). It's a start and will be an ongoing project.

We humans are pretty nasty beings when you really think about it. Actually, life in general is just plain gross. But all that aside, let’s get to the heart of the topic…

Monster Hairs*!!!

Now these hairs are not found in places that are known to have hairs (e.g., head, legs, arms, pubes, etc.). In my life, I have found them on my neck and side. I am not a hairy person (I don’t think Japanese people are in general), and I realize this post would not apply to hairy people.

These Monster Hairs are the thinnest, whitest/blondest, finest, and longest hairs imaginable. They are not the type of hair I have on my person at all, and are freakishly long. The largest one I have found measured in at 4 inches! Crazy!

I found one on my side yesterday that was about 2 inches. If you ever saw it, you would think it was a long piece of lint and not a hair since you can barely see it (we are talking nano-millimeters in width here). The only way I know they are hairs and not something that I happen to find on me is because they get caught on my clothes which alerts me to their presence that they are attached to me. Another perplexing thing about them is that they appear practically overnight. I can check my person everyday and have one the next day all of a sudden. Just to clarify, I only get about one to two a year (I am not that freaky).

So yes, these Monster Hairs are a giant mystery to me and the people I know. I have found them on other people, so I know it is not just me this happens to. Hence, a Human Oddity!

We are strange creatures indeed.

*A term coined by yours truly.
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