Saturday, January 06, 2007

Good things come in small packages

For Christmas, one of my gifts was a 1 GB flash drive. Just to give those who are not computer savvy an idea of how much space this is, I present the following examples from Wikipedia:

1 Byte is a single character
1 KiloByte is a very short story
1 MegaByte is a short novel
1 GigaByte is a pickup truck filled with pages of text

So yeah. 1 GB is a lot of fucking storage. I put my new toy to good use and archived/backed up my blog on it. It was a long project but a fun one. I went through old posts and realized that our cat used to be named ‘Gus’ and how that didn’t stick. Also, how wee he was and how much he has grown and become an integral part of the family. Not to mention, all the things that have happened to me in the last two years.

When this project was all said and done, it took up about 4 MB on my flash drive (including text, pictures, and template). I still have over 975 MB of storage left (I had other stuff on there already). So that breaks down to about 2 MB per year to cover my life’s events. I am 26 and will live to 100 (for argument’s sake), so that is 74 more years of coverage needed. By the rate I have so far, I will need only 148 MB to incorporate my entire life! That is no where near the 975+ MB I have available. I hope this illustrative breakdown properly conveyed that there is a lot of potential in a device smaller than my finger.

I know there are flash drives available with 64 GB of space, which is a ridiculous amount. I am just waiting for the 1 TB (1 TeraByte = 50,000 trees of paper) flash drive. I predict I will see that come out in my lifetime.
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