Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Where did all the children go?

I think childhood is dying. Last night when I was at my parent’s house, there was a total of 12 trick-or-treaters. I remember when I was growing up in the neighborhood, there would be kids flooding the streets (school night or not) on Halloween. I think the amount of children in the neighborhood has remained relatively high, so where were all the kids? I bet they were watching tv/playing video games and stuffing their faces with candy their parents bought. Halloween is about getting out and working for your candy before you stuff your face full of it, damnit. There is nothing like the thrill of going out at night and getting potentially abducted or poisoned candy. I shudder to think how these children will turn out without the formative childhood traditions.

So the 12 kids that did come to the door got two handfuls of candy each. That was positive reinforcement for their future.

But the highlight (using that term extremely loosely) of the evening was when my mom asked me why I was not out trick-or-treating. Um, I’m 26. Then she told me that I would pass and could go out if I wanted to. Thanks, mom. Thanks.
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