Monday, November 06, 2006

Platinum and Titanium

MKD and I picked out rings over the weekend and went to a really great, gay-owned jeweler in Ellicott City (recommended by friends who were recently married). She was able to find a thin band to slip under her engagement ring, and is having it made in platinum to match. I found a sexy band which we are having made in platinum with titanium inlay. Since I am not a jewelry person, I went all out on the only piece of jewelry I will wear. I liked the idea of having two of the strongest metals available in one ring (how symbolic…heh). But the downfall is that the ring is going to be heavy as shit in spite of it being a size 3 (yes, yes, small fingers). MKD’s is coming from England, and mine from Turkey. I will start wearing mine when it comes in next month since MKD gets on my case about not being openly “claimed.” In college, it was her thong hanging on my wall, and now it is this. At least she doesn’t pee on me to mark her territory.
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