Thursday, November 09, 2006


There have been some interesting changes since I started my new job. I have developed cat-like reflexes for switching windows, increased my peripheral vision for spotting screen vultures, and honed my concentration techniques from the abundant distractions. These adaptations to the cube have forever changed me. For better or for worse, I am different. Are you there God? It’s me Margaret.

One thing I have not gotten used to is not being able to do whatever I want to on the computer (within reason of course). I miss my games! Le sigh…Letter Linker no more. Where will my Boggle skills go? Oh and how could I forget Pop & Drop? I miss those wacky colored balls. Heh…balls. At least my 12-year old boy humor is still intact.

The only saving grace is taking out some aggression with Time Crisis 3 AND 4. Lunch now has a new meaning.

Then it is back to my 3-walled prison to rot away the hours left in the day. Occasionally I will spice things up by making faces at the suspicious looking device attached to the ceiling. I suspect it is a camera of some sort. If it’s not, I just look like I am stifling a sneeze to anyone who happens to see my transgressions.

Oh and what the fuck is up with people who feel the need to look in your cube when they walk by? If you are one of those people, stop. Seriously. Just keeping walking, eyes forward. Learn it, live it, be it. If you don’t, you have no reason to be pissed when I flick rubber bands at your face. That and give you paper cuts. Remember, anything can become a weapon. Anything.
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