Thursday, October 19, 2006

Someone got paid

for this? (click on image to view picture better)

Some graphic designer out there got paid to make this logo. The color scheme and pattern make absolutely no sense! The first letter has a navy color, and then the second letter is almost a light blue. If the person had continued to follow this logic, it would have been consistent throughout due to an equal number of letters (n=14) and there would have been a discernible pattern. But instead, the pattern gets all messed up and there are two dark blues (perhaps one of them is a dark purple?) which is then followed by three dark colors clumped in the middle-ish before going back to the one-to-one pattern. Huh?

The only logic I can decipher is that if you fold it in half after the 7th letter, the colors mirror each other except for the ‘U S’ in the middle. When it gets divided, it has the opposite color scheme of the ‘U S’ at the beginning of the text.

That’s all I got. Oh, and I’m bored. Pretty evident though.
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