Wednesday, October 11, 2006

It’s that time again

That I should update and not neglect the blog. I knew hell froze over when 1225 Sunrise updated. That’s when I kicked my own ass to get on this.

So the new job is okay. The one thing that I really do not like is that I gave up a corner window office with my own heater/air conditioner for (wait for it)…a cubicle! Yes, I moved “up” the ladder to a cube. Funny that.

Officially, I have not gone into the cube yet. The office is being fully renovated, so I am currently sharing an office. At this point, I am actually looking forward to getting a cube so I have my own space and illusion of privacy.

As for the scope of work, it is pretty boring. But I am new enough that I do not have the urge to gouge my eyes out and shove them in my ears. So that is an improvement from my last job.

I know some of the employees are fishing to find out personal stuff about me. There is speculation about my sexual orientation because I have MKD down as my beneficiary and we have a joint checking account in addition to living together. I was hesitant to come out so quickly until I feel people out more, but there are a couple of employees that my gaydar went off the charts with, so I think I will be fine in that regard. Coming out is a process that you constantly have to perform over and over. The not-so-fun part of being “gay” in addition to religious persecution and other ‘moral’ subjugations.

Anywho, that concludes my life in a nutshell of where I have been. I apologize for being absent on many people’s blogs and will try and catch up when I can. Hopefully work won’t keep me too busy…
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