Thursday, June 22, 2006

Hawaii 2006

The Hawaii trip was really great and MKD and I got to do more touristy things than last year. Plus, not only did we stay longer, but we stayed at a nicer hotel. To give you an idea, here is the view from our balcony overlooking Waikiki:

We got to visit the aquarium:

The Botanical Gardens:

Go snorkeling at Hanauma Bay:

And eat at our favorite local shack (complete with Shave Ice) off the side of the road:

Oh and there were so many lizards and geckos everywhere!
This one crawled right on my sister and I now refer to her as “The Lizard Whisperer.”

I think I am still jet lagged and I loathe being at work. Plus, the weather here is shitty compared to what we were spoiled with. Thunderstorms for a week? That is just unacceptable.
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