Tuesday, May 23, 2006

The special “man” in my life

Introducing…Angus Ron McKitty!!!

He is adorable and cuddly and as sweet as can be. I love him so much, which is a bonus since I realize there is a good chance we will be together when I am in my 40s (that is a very scary thought). But do not acknowledge in his presence how cute the beauty mark near his mouth is, or his sissy mewing noises. He will use his claws to regain some of his manliness. I have scars to prove it.

In fact if you look really closely, you can see some scars/battle wounds healing on my right side.

BTW, this is dedicated to Chicken (AKA Non-gf) since I owe her some skin (I expect to see entire boobies next, damnit!), and for MKD since she snapped the shot of her favorite part of me. Or as she would call it, “her property.”
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