Friday, April 28, 2006


This was my response to a failed purchase from eBay. Let's just say Microsoft 2, Asianpixie 0. Damn.

Let me back up a bit. Freakscout recommended this really awesome game that I decided to purchase for my Xbox. I rarely use my Xbox because the first person, 360-degree games make me dizzy and nauseous, and 99% of the games available are like this. So when my friend told me about Alien Hominid, I was thrilled that there is a 2D game with super cute characters. In fact, this was the first Xbox game I was actually excited about.

[On a side note, I am really considering selling my Xbox and games since I rarely use it. It is more of a dust catcher at this point. If you are interested, let me know.]

So I went in search of this game and found it for Xbox from a seller in the UK. I bid on it and won since I was the only bidder. After a week of waiting, the game finally arrived and I was like a kid on Christmas morning. I pop it in my Xbox and get an error message. The damn machine cannot read the disc because (after investigating later) the UK utilizes PAL format, and the US uses NTSC format. The two are not compatible. Motherfucker.

Granted, I should have been more careful when ordering and read the fine print. But I was too excited and impulsive and alas, learn from my mistakes. But really, it should have been in large fucking print, "PAL FORMAT WORKS ONLY IN EUROPE!!!" Just like on condom wrappers, there needs to be bold, large print, "99.9% EFFECTIVE!!!" You know, for us impulsive, excited people that are thinking more about satisfying our id than doing research or thinking.

In the end, I am out 20 bucks. I should have just taken a 20-dollar bill, ripped it into pieces that are half the width of your pinky nail, then taken a big, fat, diarrheal shit all over it. So since my money went to something completely useless, if you or someone you know lives in Europe, has an Xbox, and wants this game (lot of conditional statements), let me know.

Oh and if you are wondering why Microsoft is up 2 and I have 0, the second point was scored when I purchased a computer back in the day with Windows ME as the operating system. 'Nuf said.
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