Monday, April 03, 2006

At a loss

There has been something bothering me since high school. I have a favorite song…but do not know what it is. It is one of those “I’ll know it when I hear it” situations. I have only heard the song twice in my life during the high school years, and I distinctively remember where I was, but cannot remember enough of the song lyrics or melody to search for it. The song is by a female artist, would likely be filed under the “Pop” category, and that is all I got. The strange thing is that even though I have only heard the song twice, I felt like I had known the song forever and it resonated perfectly in my brain. So there is a chance that I have heard the song before when I was a lot younger and was not fully cognizant of it at the time, but it lingers there in my subconscious. Memory is a fascinating thing.

I wish I could go through a music library of every song by a female artist that could have been popular enough to be aired on the radio many years ago. Sort of like in an episode of John Doe (am I the only one that has seen this show besides MKD and Center?!) where he goes into this laboratory and some guy in a white coat hooks him up to this super computer which generates every song ever made to try and trigger any lost memories. I need something like that.

I feel like Al Bundy in that episode of Married With Children where he is struggling to know the name of a song he can only hum a few notes from (I took the time to make sure I am not suffering from a faulty memory and it is season 5, episode “Oldies But Young’uns”). But unlike Al, I cannot remember squat.

[Okay, I think I watch too much tv.]

I am constantly on alert to hear this song again in my life. Unfortunately, I cannot make this a collective effort and will have to soldier on alone.

If I ever find this elusive song, will it still be my favorite? Will all my hard work be for naught? Like many things in life, only time will tell.
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