Thursday, March 02, 2006

Holy SHITstorm, Batman!

I apologize for not being readily present in blog world and life in general, but since I last posted, my life has been pretty hectic with shit flying all over the place. I just love how it all gets dumped on you in consecutive blows.

The night I found out that Paul died, I got into an accident. Someone rear-ended me in MKD’s car as I was going to pick her up. It all worked itself out later that week, and I now regret cussing the guy out at the time. But damn, I had enough that day.

The funeral last Friday was hard, but I managed to find strength I did not know I had. I saw a lot of people I never thought I would see again, and that was quite surreal. But what really made me upset was that some of Paul’s friends showed up in inappropriate attire and flying high as a kite. I guess they could not handle going to the funeral for someone who died from drugs, without being fucked up. Life of an addict, I guess.

Then this morning, I got a call at 7 a.m., which is never a good sign since everyone who knows me knows that I am not conscious before 11 a.m. and not to disturb me. It was my mom calling, informing me that her mom (my grandmother) went into the hospital and has to have surgery. I would not be so worried except my grandmother is 92 years old, has Alzheimer’s and 24-hour care, and has been recently sick and refusing to eat or walk around. So my mom took an emergency flight out to Hawaii. I was going to drive her to the airport, but there was a huge accident blocking a major highway and causing delays all over the place. So I got my mom to the metro instead. My dad, middle sister, and her family are out in Hawaii now, so there are all sorts of communications flying from there to here making sure everyone is kept in the loop. When I talked to my sister, she said that grandma had a look in her eye that she was ready to die. So it is good that my mom is on her way out there. It is really difficult having extended family living so far away.

So now I am playing the waiting game, and serving as a phone hub operator by relaying information back and forth to family here and out there. I am also in charge of making any medical decisions if the hospital needs to get a hold of my mom and she is on the plane. Let’s hope I will not have to exercise that privilege.
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