Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Happy, happy, joy, joy

Happy ONE Year Blog Anniversary to me!…and a day. I was a wee late in posting this. Story of my life, really.

Time for reflections.

Let’s see. I wrote a lot of dorky stuff, met a lot of really good people, and overall have had a wonderful experience (with the exception of one blogger). So yay for me!

As for Year TWO…who knows? I know MKD is pushing for the digital camera. Only naughty bits can arise from that point forth. That and an overload of cuteness from the pets (dog, cat, gimpy gecko). I don’t think I have mentioned our Leopard Gecko before. He (might be a “she”) can only be described as “gimpy” because he cannot walk properly or catch his food. He and MKD are the “special” members of the family.

Special in different ways that is.

For everyone but MKD’s eyes ONLY: (had to add that last bit so I am not sleeping on the couch tonight).
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