Monday, February 13, 2006


As many of you already know, MKD had all four of her wisdom teeth taken out last Thursday. Since I am such a wonderful girlfriend, I took off Thursday and Friday to stay home with her and nurse her back to health over the weekend. Here are some highlights from my experience:
  • After taking her first pain pill, MKD told me she was going to work the next day. I knew it was the drugs talking, so I gleefully waited for the delusions to wear off.

  • I found out (after almost five years of being together) that MKD speaks Klingon. Perhaps I am not the biggest dork/geek/nerd in this relationship.

  • MKD told me to “fuck off” and then yelled at me for leaving her alone…all in the same minute.

  • When spraying tooth sockets clean with salt water, be sure to wear eye protection.

  • Nothing says, “I love you,” like removing bloody gauze from the depths of your lover’s mouth after they had not brushed their teeth for over 24 hours.

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