Thursday, January 12, 2006

There are no segues.

As sad as it is, I, like so many other “adults,” spend ~8 hours of my day at work, 5 days a week. Since this occupies 1/3 of my day, it leads to two things: (1) I have little time to be God’s gift to women and people in general, and (2) it highly influences what I blog about. So without further ado, I give you work foo (and a silly rhyme as an added bonus).

My office got a new iMac (20-inch 2 GHz Intel Core Duo, to be exact) that is pretty damn sweet. It is more for show as we only have one that will most likely occupy the entrance area. This means I will probably never use it, but my IT friend showed me all the cool features of this new toy. As a superfluous addition, there is a little remote that magnetically sticks to the right side of the computer. I did not know magnets and computers could mix until now. My only complaint about this computer and Apple products in general is the color of their electronics, which are predominantly white. When it comes to gadgets, I definitely prefer black or silver. I am prejudiced like that and will now don my hood.

There was a happy hour last night for a co-worker that is moving on to a better job. It always amazes me what people will say when slightly inebriated. I heard various stories relating to sex, stalkers, work gossip, and exes. Also, one co-worker called another one “fat,” and I was waiting for a bar fight to break out. I had my bottle ready, in hand, in giddy anticipation.

I have been internally berating myself for not being more motivated to “work” or be productive in some fashion for the past couple of weeks. I would blame it on the weather, but it has been freakishly sunny and warm in January. So instead, I blame it on the hamster that runs around in my head. Furry, ADHD, bastard.
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