Friday, January 20, 2006

I guess I am just chopped liver

There is a phenomenon I have been experiencing in my office, which makes me feel smaller than I already am. It is a lack of introduction from co-workers.

Picture this…a co-worker brings in a family member to see the office. Said co-worker introduces this family member to fellow employees as they make their way down the hall. They skip over my office in the line of introductions to their final destination.

Now this occurrence has happened more than once and with more than one co-worker. I know my office is generally not social, but there is such a thing as common courtesy. Am I really that invisible? Perhaps I am still unapproachable even though I thought I grew out of my teenage angst, “I’m too cool for you” persona. I maintain excellent hygiene and am not unkempt in appearance. So what gives? Is this one of those things in which I get left on the bus because I am too quiet?

Obviously these co-workers who smite me did not get the memo that I am the awesomest ever. Fuckheads.
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