Sunday, January 01, 2006

Happy New Year to all!

I receive constant complaints from MKD that I do not blog frequently enough. So I reflected back on my blogging year and decided to do a wee analysis. I plotted out my blog posts per month for 2005:

March – 6 posts
April – 8 posts
May – 4 posts
June – 8 posts
July – 9 posts
August – 7 posts
September – 8 posts
October – 5 posts
November – 7 posts
December – 10 posts

Since I have been only blogging for 10 months, it results in an average of 7.2 posts a month. That really is not that much, and I realize there is a lot of validity in MKD’s complaints. Therefore New Year’s resolution for 2006: blog more.

Note: wee analysis was complete with graphs and presentation, but decided against subjecting dear readers to the nerdy/dorky/geeky -ness.
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