Tuesday, January 03, 2006

The claws come out

I think enough time has passed that I can get this rant off my chest. If I had written about this earlier, it would have hurt people’s feelings and caused all sorts of drama I neither need nor want and started some sort of blog war or something. But now, I can be free and let go. So here goes…

Being in the blog world, there are certain unspoken rules of etiquette that one must follow in order to maintain successful relations. Overall, my blog experience has been positive with no major complaints up until a few months ago. There was a certain person’s blog I would read and comment on. This person did a “no-no” in my mind in which they (avoiding gender pronouns to maintain their anonymity) would reply to ALL of the comments they received EXCEPT for mine. I took this initial snubbing as a fluke and kept on commenting anyway. Well, after the fourth or fifth time of being disregarded, I knew it was personal. I was never crude nor were any of my comments unintelligible, so I at least deserved some acknowledgment out of respect and proper behavior. In the end, I chalked it up to the person thinking I was some sort of freak stalking them, and stopped commenting (I may or may not have taken them off my linkies too). In my angrier moments, I thought this person was a pretentious ass when I found out that someone I know has also been purposefully snubbed by them. We bonded over the contempt.

(claws retract)

I feel better.

(lights cigarette)
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