Thursday, January 05, 2006

Caution: Extremely Hot

Well, I have finally finished my 2006 list for MKD. As you already may know, MKD and I have come up with lists that contain 5 famous people that we are allowed to sleep with if the opportunity ever arises (highly doubtful). She cannot get upset in any way as this list is initially subjected to her veto power/final approval before being laminated. So here is my list submission as of today (in no particular order):

1. Guinevere Turner

I have held a slight obsession with her since I was 15 as she is the hottest lesbian in Hollywood (although Ellen DeGeneres’s girlfriend, Portia de Rossi, comes in a close second).

2. Tori Amos

She is the redheaded goddess. Nobody straddles a piano seat like her.

3. Elisabeth Shue

Ever since Leaving Las Vegas she has captivated me and I have watched that depressing movie more times than I can count.

4. Legolas

The hottest elf…ever. But I would settle for Orlando Bloom in Kingdom of Heaven as well.

5. Jennifer Garner

Alias is one hot show with one hot Sydney Bristow, and I am pissed it is ending. Boo.

[Note: this list idea originated from Friends (season 3, episode 5: “The One With Frank, Jr.” for those who are picky about details), and has quelled relationship stagnation concerning monogamy.]
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