Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Whoa, that’s like serendipitous or something

So I made a startling discovery today that I am really disturbed over. I went to my blog this morning and typed in the address on my computer at work. I typed in:

All of a sudden, I get this “Mega site of Bible studies and information.” WTF! I immediately thought some bigot had messed with my site and basically wanted to fuck with me by throwing some religious bullshit up. Thinking it was a fluke, I closed out my browser and reopened it and typed in my blog addy again. This time, my blog came up and I was relieved. Then I noticed the slight difference in the first address I typed in…I had transposed the “s” and the “p” in “blogspot.” Who knew that such a small error could lead to where it did. More importantly, why is this religious site’s address what it is? Was "" taken? (It isn’t BTW…for now)

I have no idea what “blogpsot” is, so I decided to investigate. I typed in MKD’s blog, but put in “blogpsot” instead and the same Bible site came up! So fellow bloggers, please be alert of the “blogpsot” and make sure readers are being linked correctly to your blog and not this religious site.

P.S. I am not against organized religion; I am against corrupt people who run it and people who take it too far.
P.P.S. If this is old news, just take it and put it in your back pocket and never speak of it again.
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